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Hair Replacement Services

           Hair Restoration Services

Offering the finest quality of non-surgical hair replacement and understanding how devastating hair loss can be to ones self esteem, Wicked Weaves provides ultra thin and artistically designed  hair systems with scalp like appearance for both men and women. Our stylist will give you your hair as it once was. Not a new you, not even an old you, but a "BETTER YOU"!

professional, skilled, and licensed stylist in New York City  

These installations are completed in a private room by our professionally skilled and trained stylist Arnold Underwood.  Arnold has has over 20 years of experience in serving clients who suffers from hair loss resulting from alopecia, aging, or chemotherapy.  Below are pictures of some the hair replacement systems he has installed in our new Midtown location.

Hair replacement and/or restoration system

For the hair loss client looking for detectability to the fullest, Wicked Weaves is the place for you. We take pride in providing our clients with the most natural hair loss solution, with a quality and affordable hair system. You will get your hair back instantly, which will , solve your hair loss problem and boost your self esteem. Putting the swagger in your stagger. Look good and feel good at Wicked Weaves.

Hair replacement and/or restoration system
Hair replacement and/or restoration system

 We have no binding contract, no maintenance fees, and we also groom our client to be totally self sufficient, giving them 100% independence. These days a growing number of hair loss sufferers are looking for a more natural  and artistically approached hair loss remedy, without costly and risky surgery, never ending maintenance contracts accompanied by a bad hair piece.

hair restoration replacement system

So if you are ready to solve your hair loss  problem, contact us! We are the the solution to your hair.



Hair replacement and/or restoration system


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